Now you can play burned blu-ray copies on the PS4 with the cfw homebrew Iso Loader, jailbreak for PS4.

The day, all publishers have feared now seems to be there. An anonymous user has released a tutorial on the Internet with which it is possible to play PS4 games free. This works without to screw the console. Thus, the method seems to be easy to use and virtually risk-free. It is in fact a modified firmware, which is called in the scene as a custom firmware (CFW). A CFW is characterized that all safety checks have been disabled in the original firmware, so even can be played not licensed software.

Update: PS4 Jailbreak allegedly found

In mid-December emerged a new PS4 Jailbreak. The hacker CTurT should, according to a tweet the security system of the PlayStation 4 with the help of a custom ASIC kernel-wxploits cracked successfully. Thus, it should be possible to use PS4 not sanctioned by Sony programs. The way for piracy, but also for an optimized PS2 emulator for PS4 would be free.

"Just broke WebKit process out of a FreeBSD jail (cred-> cr_prison = prison0) Guess You Could say the PS4 is now officially." Jailbroken ": P"

CTurT even distances himself in another tweet, however, of any plans to try to allow pirated copies of his PS4 Jailbreak.

"People who keep asking for piracy: go away, please."

Later a famous hacker group fail0verflow showed how to start Linux on PS4 and a pokemon rom can play by emulator. They announced that they would publish their PS4 Linux patches, but do not release the PS4 Jailbreak.

Harnessing the Cturt PS4 kernel and the Linux fail0verflow on PS4 announcement are the most promising leads for a PS4 Jailbreak at this point. Other PS4 hackers have contacted us to tell us that lines the PS4 Jailbreak are in labor for the latest firmware 3.55 but nothing is officially known yet.

So there is a PS4 Jailbreak that has leaked and now you can download it and use the cfw for 3.55.

Created by xGamerz