What is CFW?

  • CFW stands for Custom Firmware. It is modified firmware to allow the PS4 to perform tasks it was not meant to perform such as playing backup games, installing some apps for example.

What Not to Do after CFW/Common Sense of CFW Users

  • If you somehow have gotten PS4 CFW, NEVER UPDATE!!! TURN OFF AUTOMATIC UPDATING.
  • Seriously, if it updates to official firmware, you're screwed. Point of no return.
  • If you want to update your firmware to higher version, wait for your preferred developers to release a newer CFW to update with using a USB drive.
  • If it does go to OFW, you could downgrade it again with an NOR/NAND Flasher but you probably don't know how to flash the NOR/NAND.
  • Don't touch any of the other system folders in Multiman's File Manager unless you have to. If you're just playing backups File Path HDD0:// should be all you actually need to touch.
  • Don't go on PSN too much with CFW. You'll eventually get banned off the Network.

Is the PS4 Jailbreak safe to use?

  • It's 100% secure if you follow the detailed instruction, the jailbreak is tested by the best so just follow the instruction carefully and all will be good.

Created by xGamerz