How to jailbreak ps4

Here are the instructions for the ps4 cfw 4.0, follow the steps exactly.

What you need to play ps4 backups:

  • USB Stick (with atleast 1 GB of storage formatted FAT32-file system)
  • Winrar ->
  • Blu-ray Disc
  • Power ISO or other software for burning to your game to burn

Steps to use the loader:

  1. Take a USB stick with 1 GB or more space, and format it with FAT32 file system.
  2. Copy this file (LINK CFW 4.00) on the USB stick. (The file is protected because of sony entertainment network)
  3. Now put the USB into the right slot on the PS4 and wait until PS4 Loader v1.0 by xGamerz appear.
  4. Take the ISO PS4 disc and place it in the PS4, an error message will appear.
  5. Start the PS4 Loader, and select Launch game from disc and in a few seconds the game will start.

Created by xGamerz